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Let the truth be known of Celtic Magick, that it should neither be used to harm nor to permit harm to be mote it

Merry Meet and welcome to my page ! I am The CelticSidhe a solitary witch and I have compiled some lovely sites about The Faeries, Celtic-Paganism, Pagan links and many more along with a section of Pagan and Fae greeting cards. I was born a Catholic in a very Irish Catholic neighborhood and later as I transformed into who I am today, I began studying Paganism vs. Christianity and found many of the holy days we celebrate were originated by the Celts, Welsh and Scottish Pagans, such as Yule became Christmas, Samhain, All Saints Day etc. I found the Pagan religon one I could understand a simple way of life celebrating Mother Earth and her seasons. I am also 3/4 Native American and have added some Native American Shaminism sites also. I find the Pagan and Native American religons some what alike in their reverance for nature. I am a beginner but I am finding the journey so insightful and pure. I hope you enjoy your stay and even if your not into Paganism these sites are beautiful and worth the look. May the Gods and Goddesses bless all who enter here ~`

a wee bit of this & a pinch of that

Gods, Goddesses & Myths:
a Journey down The Old Path:
Bearded Wolf:
Brighid's Fire:
Cave of the Word Witch:
Diogene's Lantern:
Faere Queen's Castle:
Pour Down Like Silver:
The Faery Crossing:
A Very Faery Shoppe:
INDEX: Witch Craft Basics:
Celtic Connection:
Tir Nan Oc:
Nature Song:
Welcome to Hollow Hill:
The Lair of ElvenWolf:
The Faery Ring:
Native American Blessings:
The Nature Sanctuary:
The Witches Grimoire:
A Library of The Magickal:
Welcome to Heart Ease...a witch's cottage:
The Internet Sacred Text Archive:
Spiral Goddess Grove:
The Great Mystery:
Symbols and their meaning:
Merlin's Voice Within-Celtic Whispers:
Les Gallery de Occult Art:
Faeries and Witches and Pagans OH MY !:
StarFire Rising:
A Mystical Grove:
Rosepetals Path to Faery:
The Rowan Tree:
The Great Illusion:
The Faery:
Of the Resurrection of the Meadows links:
The Burning Times:
The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness:
Full Moon Dreams:
Miscellaneous Diddles:
The Ragdolls Shelf:
Stonehenge Poetry:
The Realm of the Fay Folk:
Ayla's Cave:
hedge Wych hollow.....2:
Lady of the Earth..chants & songs:
Gilbert Williams Visionary Art:

Greetings & Salutations

Triple Moon Pagan Greeting Cards:
AmazonCastle Postcards:
Enchanted Faery Postcards:
Fantasy Postcards:
Irish E-cards / Myth and Fairies:
SilkDove Fantasy Greeting Cards:
Rowan Press :
Spirit Scents Native American Cards:
Mystic Stars Card Shoppe:
Sacred Well Greeting Cards:
The Pagan Cardboard:
Witchware Virtual E-cards:
WishFaery Greeting Cards:
Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Cards:
Fantasy E-Cards by Monica Jones:
Realm of the Rising Moon Art Cards:
Celtic Postcards:
Dragon Postcards:
Barr Lewis Artistic E-Cards:
Ellen Million E-cards:
Azure Eyes Magical Greetings:
MoonFairye's Not So Usual E-Cards:
Celtic Art Greeting Cards:
Moon Spirits World Virtual Cards:
HeartsEase A Witch's Cottage Greetings:
Magickal Moon E-Cards:
Crystal Ally E-Cards:
PaganNetwork E-cards:
Rosebud's Garden Greetings:
The Mystical Forest Postcards:
Legacy of the Cauldron Magickal E-Cards:
Maeve's Magickal Card Shoppe:
The Golden Unicorn E-Cards:
Fantasy Faery E-Cards:
AskAlana Faery Greetings:
Salem Tarot Postcards:
Wizard E-Cards:

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